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Positive impacts of coronavirus and lockdown

The Earth is approximately 4.6 billion years old and have been dominated by living organisms ever since. However, the era of humans of the current species is definitely the most significant and over their long existence on this planet, they have encountered series of plagues and mishaps, some really terrible that they seemed to possess the optimum capability of wiping the entire human race. Now leave the categorical description of the age of the human race aside, let’s talk about my age. Well, you wouldn’t know the exact number as this introduction didn’t contain so many specifics, but I’m a bit over 20 years old, you might ask yourself “why does your age matter in this situation?”.. well, it doesn’t.. I’m just trying to let you know I was a 90s kid and haven’t experienced something as devastating to humans as this Coronavirus disease (COVID-19).


As you most-likely already are aware of, COVID-19 is a virus of the Coronavirus kind that was first discovered in 2019 and has since been a very troubling experience for the entirety of World Population. It has infected over 2.7 million people since January 2020 and led to almost 200,000 deaths across virtually all countries of the world (at the time of this article) in just a space of four months. It was declared a Pandemic in March 2020 and ever since then, Countries of the world have been taking drastic steps to prevent the spread and reduce the number of infections and deaths to the tiniest possible. Most countries have enforced lockdown in major cities, encouraged citizens to practice social distancing and wash their hands.


The virus has not just claimed so many lives but also put all kinds social gatherings to a halt. No sports, no concerts, no travelling.. it is that bad and if you read this article as a 15-year old in the year 2035 just know it was so bad that alcohol-based hand sanitizers became costlier than Crude Oil at some point. It’s true the catastrophic effects of the virus cannot be overstated, but in this article we’re being a bit more on the positive side so we’re discussing 6 benefits of the virus to man.





New York City during lockdown. Photo credit: Instagram

This is arguably the most significant effect of the lockdown caused by a move to prevent the spread of the disease. Everything about the environment just got better during these few months as water and air pollution have ceased. Because most factories aren’t open and people are staying at home there have been little to no indiscriminate disposal of waste into the environment, reduced industrial and transportation waste as well as low rate of excessive burning of fossil fuels.. all these have led to better air and water quality, for example the Venice canals in Italy are clearer than it has ever been in the history of mankind, and the measures taken by China have reduced air pollution to the lowest ever, preventing risks of premature deaths in so many citizens. Better environment, water and air promote lives hence, Coronavirus will be really sad to know that despite taking hundreds of thousands of lives at present, it is unconsciously saving hundreds of thousands more from dying earlier in the future. Checkmate!




Photo credit: Instagram

Most countries enforced lockdown to prevent the spread of this virus and it’s not easy to be confined to the walls of your home for weeks without going out to have the supposedly ‘normal’ fun. However, this has helped a lot of people as time alone will give you some certain realisation that you can do without some certain habits, substances and activities that you felt you couldn’t live without, some of which are unnecessary by the way. Also, it helps you spend less and realise you can actually survive without buying that fancy turtle-necked jacket you saved two months for. It’s positivity to me!




A family having a lovely time together. Photo credit: Instagram

Some families don’t spend a day together throughout a full calendar year (except maybe Christmas) due to activities, brawls or economic reasons, but with this virus roaming about on the outside you’re advised to stay at home with that first son you don’t like seeing face to face since you last fought.. now that you both are at home together for a month, 30 consecutive days, you have no choice than to talk things out with him and put the malice to end because you both aren’t just comfortable sharing the same TV whilst not talking to each other. Bond restored! Relationship goals! Also, I don’t think I’m the only one who’s gotten text messages and calls from people I thought I forgot about and people I thought forgot about me, some of which we’re now closer than supposed to, that’s top tier reconcilation! Love 1-0 COVID-19.



Photo credit: Instagram

The virus literally scares me to shivers. Because it doesn’t just depend on you being careful, but also the guy standing in front of you to be careful. It is transmitted through contact so people have been advised to stay clean, wash their hands, wear face masks, hold back their coughs and sneezes in a dab-like position rather than with the palm of your hands, sanitize your house.. now people are beginning to realize how important good hygiene is so important, it can save your life, and subsequently the lives of a thousand others. The phrase “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” actually won!



Lovely kids learning from home during the lockdown through e-learning. Photo credit: Instagram

A lot of folks have learned a thing or two since this Coronavirus outbreak, even if it’s a little science, or maybe 5G (lol).. it’s something. Some others have actually learnt a skill, people who sell stuffs have devised a means to get wares to their clients and make advertisement online, even schools are embracing online classes through e-learning, people are understanding the benefits of working from home, a lot of people have realised their talents, folks have learnt how to eat stuffs they never believed they could… The numbers are long. This is a good thing and will change the youth forever.




Chinese government built a 1000-bed hospital within 10 days. Photo credit: twitter

Firstly, the disease have shown that the World Government actually have a trace of good in them even if I think it’s still too little. For the first time, the Government are putting lives of citizens first even over commerce and economy. Enforcement of lockdown, building isolation centres and test centres.. it shows there’s hope. Moreover, the situation has taught unserious Governments about the need and importance of building quality hospitals whilst also heavily compensating and supporting health workers. We hope they’ve learnt their lessons.



In conclusion, it is certain that the negative effects of the outbreak of the pandemic can not be put aside, but at least let us look at the positive side for a while and hope for the best in the near future. I personally don’t think the world will end with this and very much see normality returning soon, meaning life will go on.

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