The Misconception About 5g And Its Link With Coronavirus

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The Misconception about 5g and its link with coronavirus:

The world is evolving, and over the next few years, technology will move into the next level with the implementation of 5G wireless network aiming at making life a bit easier. 4G is what is most commonly used in the world today as virtually every top City in the world have the technology, however, just as 4G is 100 times faster than its predecessor 3G, 5G can be 100 times faster than 4G, with the Fifth generation technology set to provide internet service at Barry Allen speed, enabling users all around the world to access web pages, play online games, send mails, stream HDTV, communicate as swiftly as never seen before.


This seems to be a high-grade advancement, until you begin to see varying opinions about the issue in various social media platforms. Some make sense, some don’t.

And this particular 5G subject have been linked to so many possibly-devastating outcomes that one cannot help but jump into the subject in order to get a little bit of information. In this article, I will give my opinion on the 5G matter based on facts and logic, debunking what I feel to be conspiracy theories whilst also stating, very comprehensively, what I feel is the case.

Note: These are just my take and you don’t, in any way, have to agree with me so this is the best point where you decide to either grab your pop corn and enjoy the show, or pick up your coat and walk out. We move!



5G is simply Fifth Generation wireless technology. It is the new global wireless standard that supports cellular data networks after 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G networks. It’s major aim is to provide mobile network speed at a frequency that will make every form of data communication easier, linking everything together as easily as possible from machines to devices.

5G has been talked about for years, but it’s a gradual process, large scale implementation as well as testing began in 2019 and is set to continue for years to come. Today, virtually every telecommunication network of the world are upgrading their facilities to the next generation functionality.

According to Qualcomm “5G wireless technology is meant to deliver higher multi-Gbps peak data speeds, ultra low latency, more reliability, massive network capacity, increased availability, and a more uniform user experience to more users. Higher performance and improved efficiency empower new user experiences and connects new industries.”



5G is still at its infant stage, the majority of countries have not integrated the technology but giant nations like China, United Kingdom, USA, Italy, Spain, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and UAE all have rolled out 5G. In general, around 20+ countries have began utilisation of the standard but it is difficult to point out the effect of the technology on these countries as utilisation is just recent.



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You most likely have seen somewhere on the internet a post about possible health risks related to the 5G network. Well, I see it as completely normal because with every new technology standards (especially with stuffs relating to the Electromagnetic spectrum) that roll out, people come out with these health claims. “This is the highest radiation humans have ever been exposed to.” “No proof that it is safe,” and so many others.

Fortunately Science tells us that 5G is almost certainly safe for human use. Radiations are either ionizing or non-ionizing and the harmful effect of any kind of radiation is determined by which of these two categories the type of Radiation fall under.

Radiation from 5G are of the “Radio” kind, which is a non-ionizing radiation too weak to break chemical bonds. Except for the uniqueness of Microwaves, all other kind of non-ionizing radiations (UV, Infrared, Visible lights and Radio waves), can’t damage human cells and Radio wave turns out to be the least powerful among them.

The only possibly-harmful effect Radiofrequency Radiation can cause on the human body is heating and you and I can agree that isn’t a major problem, especially my fellow Nigerian folks who go by their day-to-day activities in unpleasant heating from the sun of top-tier magnitude. Ionizing radiations are what is harmful, the X-rays and the Gamma rays, it’s just wonderful how people who go through X-ray scans without an iota of fear tend to see radio frequency radiation as harmful to cells.


Another argument is that long-term exposure of radiations from preceding 3G RFR led to some cases of brain tumours, heart problem and DNA damages to male rats. The study is a good one but it was later pointed out by RealClearScience that “the number of tumours detected were so small that they statistically could have occured by chance.” Also, humans are stronger than rats and nobody in his right senses will continually be exposed to radiations for such a long period of time. Again, these lab-rats lived longer than the ones unexposed so basically, it’s a baseless experiment and doesn’t tell us anything.


Furthermore, arguments suggest that in 2011, RF radiation was tagged as a Group 2B Carcinogen labelling it “possibly carcinogenic to humans”. Well, you should know that “possibly carcinogenic” is one of the lowest danger levels that can be assigned to anything that bears risks,the hazard posed by the radiation is of the same category as substances like Caffeine, Thyme and Aloe Vera. If you’re not worried about these stuff, then you shouldn’t be worried about 5G giving you cancer.


5G and its radiation, on a more general scale, bears no risk and even if it has, it is of very minimal frequency that shouldn’t cause worry.



Let’s make this short. A lot of people have said that 5G causes Coronavirus or that 5G weakens the immune system allowing easier contraction of the virus. In short, both these claims are not just untrue but also stupid. First, the virus is spreading in countries without 5G access, Iran has no 5G but are the 8th most hit country and have recorded the 6th highest number of deaths from the virus.

Coronaviruses are families of viruses that affects animals and sometimes humans, this particular COVID-19 is a new strain, discovered in the 2019, that has not been previously discovered in humans. It spreads through contact either with a person that has the virus; or a surface that has the virus and then touch their face, nose, eye or mouth. There’s absolutely no correlation with 5G causing Coronavirus.


As for 5G suppressing the immune system, that’s another untrue theory. As stated above, 5G radio waves aren’t strong enough to cause cell damage and weaken immune system. “The theory that 5G might compromise the immune system and thus enable people to get sick from corona is based on nothing,” Eric van Rongen, chairman of ICNIRP (International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection) wrote in an email to CNN. “There are no indications from scientific studies that 5G (or any other G) affects the immune system. If that would be the case, we would have seen effects on the scale and severity of infectious diseases already decades ago. And we don’t.” This notion linking the Coronavirus and 5G should be stopped.


Also, people have said that the whole COVID-19 issue is a hoax, that there isn’t a virus and the world government have a secret agenda to create fear and then roll out a mandatory vaccination that can be used to control the world through the implementation of nano chips under the skin. Well, there’s no proof of this and if it’s secret you most likely wouldn’t know. Some have gone as far as saying the deaths are fake, some say it’s the end of the world, some say it’s a step to depopulate the world.

My view on this matter is that I think it’s normal for the world to want to simplify identification but I don’t think it will be achieved through chips but rather biometrics, and this isn’t new as we’ve seen forms of biometric identification in the passed, BVN for example. However, people are dying of the virus all over the world both the masses and elite, prominent personalities and even prime ministers as well as Presidents have tested positive. And again, saying those deaths are fake is mean.. bad thing to say.


In conclusion, I think 5G is a very good step for World technology, it has a lot of benefits if we can just drop all these false theories and embrace reality. 5G will improve communication efficiency whilst also providing more job opportunities. Life will be easier and the majority of the settings of the world will have improvements in facilities and labour.

  1. Precious says

    You spoke well❤️.. But am not convinced on how 5g would create more job opportunities

  2. Favy says

    Well if it helps me download and play online games with no lag then u obviously won’t have an issue with that,

  3. Faith says

    Good job❤ let’s all hope for the best

  4. Omoghene Stanley says

    The world as we all knows evolves every day, with new ideas giving birth to new way of doing things, which impact our daily lifestyle.
    For something new to spring up, there will definitely be resistance both seen and unseen, protagonist and antagonist , both divides may have solid reasons for their stand. It’s left for the Inventor to bring both divides together on a common ground for the betterment of the society at large .
    With the advent of 5g technology, which will automatically change and advance the world Information Technology and every sector of the world in general and for one to stay relevant in the modern world, innovation is the right way to go, which is what 5g represents

  5. Halimah says

    Lovely write up…. kudos

  6. Iyare says

    Nice write up🤝🤝

  7. Gifted says

    I totally agree with you.
    The truth is that all these rumors about the 5G network being the cause of the covid-19 is just another proof of how low people’s mentality and IQ are in Africa.
    Whenever Africa especially Nigeria is about to step up and join the rest of the world in evolution of technology, there’s always a mad theory brought up as to why we shouldn’t; for example when 4G network came out, it was linked to the Antichrist and such, now the same thing is happening and it’s only in our country such ignorance is rampant. What a country!!😅

  8. Hutton Jr says

    Wow!!! A great article indeed.

  9. Gloryie says

    This is highly plausible…

  10. Dj Faaz says

    Great article!. Very Nice. Big ups!

  11. Kingsley Ebuka says

    Well it’s already established that there is no connection with 5G and covid-19 let just cross our fingers and hope for the best

  12. Fatima says

    Beautiful article. Same way some group of people cooked up a theory that BVN is from d Devil to initiate people into the illuminati cult.
    People will believe anything once its been linked to the end of the world.
    Continue to Enlighten people with your articles. Kudos✌✌

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