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Epidemic is a world problem as they are mostly unexpected and it takes time for scientists to discover and create vaccines and cure for them. The most recent is the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) that has hit the world so far in this early periods of 2020.

It originated from Wuhan, China and there have been more than 3000 fatalities since the first case was confirmed and the world have been taking numerous measures to prevent the outbreak whilst also reducing its risk of transmission and fatal effect to the barest minimum.

On the 27th of February, 2020, Nigeria confirmed her first Coronavirus case. The case is with an Italian Citizen who works in Nigeria, he returned from Milan on the 25th of February and was confirmed to have the virus two days later by the Virology Laboratory of the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, part of the Laboratory Network of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control. 

Fortunately, the patient was a said to be stable and healthy, without chronic symptoms and although his identity was hidden, rumours have it that he’s currently free from the disease and Nigeria is now free from the epidemic.

The issue now is that this Italian man, 44, was with 148 passengers during his flight, all off different nationality and it’s possible another Nigerian was aboard.

He also reportedly travelled to Ogun State after he arrived Lagos and will have come in contact with a lot of people and despite the government claiming they’ve traced the 148 other passengers as well as 39 personnels he had contact with, it is still very uncertain that there isn’t one person that was missed. It was subsequently reported that the 39 people he had contact with had been quarantined and they developed no symptoms of the disease.

However, a new case has arrived on Monday, the 9th of March, 2020 after all the jollies and merriment of “no more cases in Nigeria”. The Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) confirmed the case, saying the patient in Ogun State came in contact with the original source, the Italian man.

This came after NCDC came out to say they had 23 suspected states across 5 states in the country. So as it stands, Nigeria still have a case of Coronavirus. Now, what next??

The major problem about this is that this patient would have come in contact with a number of other people and those people with other people also. Although, Nigeria has treated this Coronavirus issue really well, with total expertise and maturity and was highly praised by the World Health Organization but with this new case, the country will have to develop a new and deeper method to contain the virus.

It’s good news the patient is clinically stable, and due procedures to rid him of the virus will be carried out, but then, first class method to trace all everyone he’s come in contact with should be laid down and all should be quarantined.



The NCDC’s statement released on the 9th of March didn’t just come with the bad news of the confirmation of another case but also with another news, a good one relating to the activities of Nigerian medical group as well as scientists which has contributed to the World’s move to discover a vaccine.

According to the update, Nigeria has published the first African SARS-CoV-2 genome sequence, from the COVID-19 case in Nigeria. It’s the first time the sequence have been performed in Africa and the WHO have sent their congratulations to Nigerian scientists.

This means that they have an insight about the sequence, pattern of arrangement & characteristics of the DNA molecules of the virus which is a fantastic step in making effective drugs and vaccines. Also, it shows that the case is same as with the ones from other countries meaning any drug that works for a patient elsewhere, will work with a patient here.

This development above is very good news. With this second case confirmed, it’ll be more difficult for the Nigerian Government to contain and the availability of Vaccines and drugs will go a long way in curbing the menace of the virus and I believe that it’ll be available I’m due time.

However, when Nigeria lay her hands on the vaccines, proper management and distribution protocols should be carried out. It will be better if vaccination is given for free and treatment drugs also or at least very cheap.

Also, the Government should provide lots of preventive measures to curtail the virus. Proper enlightenment should be given to citizens of all age groups, the topic should be taught in schools, exhibitions and seminars should be easily accessible to aid citizens in understanding the best measures to take in preventing the disease. Furthermore, the government should provide suitable technology and tools for screening citizens in public gathering to prevent unknown spread of the virus, and this should be sufficient.

The good people of the country can also set up NGO’s or make affiliation with the government to lead campaigns on proper preventive tactics like the ideal way of washing the hands, and also give out free masks whilst also making known the proper way to put it on.


Nigeria has done well with past epidemic, from Ebola to Lassa fever.. these health problems are way deadlier than Coronavirus but Nigeria have been successful in tackling it. I believe the country will succeed in its fight against this one.

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