Bitter Truth About Social Media

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Ever wondered how everyone seems to be so happy on social media?

It’s almost as though the media got no space for unhappy and unsuccessful people.

I mean look at us having the broadest smiles, the most sophisticated pradas and the most exotic half sided apple logo on iphone mirror selfies.

Life just can’t get any better than that, can it? But if everyone is so happy In this media, how come so we get to see them as instagram celebrities in one day and suicidal victims in the next.

I mean, if we all have been so busy being successful , where and when did we find the time to accommodate suicidal thoughts.

Here’s the thing though, everyone is so jumpy about being happy but yet drive away the little things that give this happiness.

We don’t want the joy of peace, we want the smile on our dp’s.

We don’t want a simple meal we can afford thrice a day, we want the exclusive dinners in restaurants we can’t eat but at least snapshot and post away.

We need this joy so much that we feel we can create it by faking it.

After all, the perception of reality is realer than reality itself ; When we live in the moment of the instagram likes, we forget we are not successful billionaires but just folks that have been deceived to be loved by 300 thumbs up followers.

We take photos with those iphone so long , we forget its not actually ours.

We wear those pradas on our foot in an exotic hotel room so long, we forget we can’t take it out to the streets else the soles might just fall off someone shout ‘ABA’.

We get lost in our thoughts of creating a false reality of happiness that we forget what’s real sometimes.

We do this and again pass the culture to the viewers ,your purported fans who in turn feel like they are not happy themselves and want that true happiness they see you post about and they get in the game and in turn get their own fans into the culture and it goes on an on fulfilling the rights of a little phenomenon I call “ the infinite loop of deception” .

I know, what the hell is that??
The infinite loop of deception
Well the term, I assume, is self explanatory but yet could literally be defined as the natural phenomenon where the human mind obliviously comes up with new ways of creating deceit and acts it out for society to see, not comprehend it but yet adopt, hence spreading continuously through society as a culture.

I say it’s oblivious because we do it unconsciously; No harm intended yet a lot of damage inflicted.

It’s all just a deceitful course to happiness cause most of us are truly not as happy as we make it seem.

We sometimes are going through a lot of challenges that can possibly be alleviated by these same media people but your fake smiles and comfort drives away the motives and comes in the way of your shot to true happiness.

So many trials and pains hidden in our face but hopefully it will fall into place so long we keep up the smile for the gram.

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