My Experience With Guaranty Trust Bank

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This is a very complicated bank. It’s a complicated bank in that the name is actually “Guaranteed Trust Bank Plc” but also GTB.. and also GT Bank.. but then some folks take nomenclature to a whole new level by calling it “GTB Bank” (yeah I’m laughing too).. let’s suspend the wit.. GTBank is an elite bank.

Top-tier, arguably the best and the biggest in the country. GT Bank was founded on the 17th of January, 1990 and has since grown to become one of the biggest banks in the entire continent. With operations in ten countries including the United Kingdom, the bank is renowned for it’s huge number of offered services coupled with top notch security and overwhelming care for customers. As of 2016, it was documented that Guaranteed Trust Bank possessed an asset of over 3.1 trillion naira.

That is huge!! Here’s a trivia: Guaranteed Trust Bank introduced online banking as well as SMS banking in Nigeria, they also pioneered the use of Naira MasterCards in the country. The Obasanjo of banks! The Bank has almost 300 branches in the country and has thousands of employees.

I’ve had a couple of experiences with different branches of GT Bank, in different states so just like the others, I’ll throw a detailed description of the important situations I’ve encountered with this red-coloured commercial institution.

Again, as you’re reading this article, you should bear in mind that this is not the attributed characteristics of all the bank’s branches but just what I experienced in some of the branches I’ve been to, the number of branches not even amounting up to 0.5% of the total number of branches Nationwide. Also, try and read our last four articles in this series regarding experiences with First Bank, Fidelity Bank, Ecobank and Zenith Bank. Now let’s ride!


In most of the branches I’ve been to, I’ve left the premises with a smile on my face. There are more positives than negatives when it comes to GT Bank, but still.. there are negatives. However, this part of the article gets to talk about the positive scenarios I’ve encountered in the bank and they are of a good number. Let me make it plain and use a branch as a case study.

The branch we’re talking about isn’t one of their huge branch, as the land and space wasn’t very massive. When I entered the bank, after being directed by the security personnel how to correctly make use of their weird door, I saw their two customer care representatives, beautiful as the sky (although not as light-skinned as the Zenith ladies) and they greeted me politely.

Then I explained to them what I was there for and was very accurately given directions on how I can achieve my aim there, then a polite thank you followed along with an advertisement flyer. That’s 10/10 customer service right in my face.

I collected the deposit slip (details included in the negative part) and joined the long but otherwise orderly queue.. got my stuff done really fast and then left. What I noticed in that branch was that the high quality staffs knew their job as they were efficient and professional.

They knew how to get things done. Also, despite the fact that the bank wasn’t that big, it still looked well maintained as the inner premises was almost totally clean. I wasn’t feeling the air condition much though, truth is I can’t remember if there was one lol, but there surely was. What wins in this bank is the swiftness of operation, it is a very comfortable bank to use.


Remember when I said operations were swift in this bank, that’s the truth, but then I encountered a weird stuff I’ve seen only in that particular GT Bank branch. There was a particular counter with a long queue for people who wanted to make use of the Bank’s Deposit slip.

Maybe the slip was limited or too costly to produce, but that was the only reason I spent a lot of time in the bank. It was orderly, not so slow, but I just didn’t like it and that’s why it’s in the negative aspect.

Also, in this particular branch, there was no bench for awaiting customers to sit on. Everyone was standing, including the accompanying people. Made the place quite noisy and there were people all over the place. And that’s why I couldn’t feel the air condition.

Another thing was that the platform for customers to fill their slips and forms was small and I had to wait for a lady to get through with hers. Well, these are minor issues and overall I came out of the bank not frustrated, I liked the reception and customer service and will rate the bank experience a 7.5.

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