My Experience With First Bank

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Why is First Bank named “First Bank”? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Well, if you have then that was a really boring period of your life.. I mean why would such question cross your mind lol. Anyway, it’s the first working commercial Bank in the country.. yeah, you can rephrase that as the “oldest” bank in the country. First Bank began operations in 1894 but then it was known as the Bank of British West Africa.

It was not until 1979 that it got renamed to “First Bank of Nigeria”.. that’s a long time. The bank is regarded by many as the best bank in the country, although that notion is very much arguable as I personally won’t call them the best. Yikes! But one thing is sure though, they are among the leaders in the rank for the biggest banks in Nigeria. Possessing a total of over 4.5 trillion naira in assets and over 800 branches Nationwide, the bank is indeed in the top-tier no doubt. Oya e don do! The main reason for this article is my experience with this bank. Let’s move!

Incase you missed it, I’ve already outlined my experiences with three top Nigerian banks so be sure to check them out. First Bank, thankfully, a very big bank so I have a handful of experience with them. I’ve gone to a lot of branches of this bank but will try and make this article summarized but also in clear details. Like always, I’ll group the article in two, positives and negatives so let’s ride.


Of all the branches of First Bank I’ve been too, one thing stood out – the size and design of the bank. They were all massive, spacious and conducive for socialization. Inside the bank was seriously air conditioned wow! I almost froze! Extremely neat, well organized, highly secured.. just what a serious commercial bank should look like. It was a state of the art design, elite work.

First Bank seemed a no-joke bank, business transactions always going on, everybody looking busy and it was a good sight. Also, the customer care representatives were fantastic at their jobs, they gave me proper directions and their advertisement to me that day caught my eye although it sounded pretty different from the negative testimonies my friends have given to me. Anyway, they were well-dressed, cool, friendly and funny. Everything going good.

Before getting to the main bank, you see ATM stands all over, up to seven. Although I didn’t withdraw from there that day, they were all working. Incredible! Not all the time though as sometimes I use their ATM and see that only two dispense cash. But their ATM is well above average, great!

Transactions in this bank was swift but too formal. Still a good thing as they were taking serious security procedures which is for the benefit of their customers. The customers were in order although they weren’t much as a good amount of counters were present to satisfy the need of every customer. It indeed is a very large bank.


The fact that First Bank is a huge bank is good, but this also comes with some disadvantages. Sometimes the security personnel guarding the entrance of the bank can be a little harassing and in the ATM stands, sometimes they grant favour to people who gives them a little tip, thereby affecting the orderliness and fairness in the queue.

Another thing I encountered that I wasn’t happy with was with withdrawal. I went to the bank with a friend who wanted to make a small withdrawal but was not with his Debit Card so sought to use Withdrawal Slip. The process of collecting that slip took a lot of time. He had to go upstairs, meet someone, answer some questions before getting it. Wasted my times in the bank but he successfully made his withdrawal.

Lastly, one thing I encountered in the bank is that some staffs didn’t just stick to the business of the day but were wooing ladies, trying to get their attention and stuffs, exchanging numbers… It may not be very bad but I personally thing it shouldn’t be allowed in the official work premises as everyone is there for their businesses.

After everything, I’ll rate this bank a 7.5/10 because the experience was mixed. A lot of good, some not-so-good. However, we can’t deny the fact that on the overall scale, first bank is one of the best in the country.

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