My Experience With Fidelity Bank

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Three times is the charm! We’ve been pretty successful in our “Bank Experience” series so far, comprehensively narrating our ordeals and favourable encounters with Zenith Bank and Ecobank which we believe have been efficient in shooting your enthusiasm about this category. Now, there’s no stopping as this article will be talking about my personal experience with a somewhat weird bank, yeah weird..

Fidelity Bank is a weird bank. Just like with the other articles, I’ll be discussing in brief details, what I came across in this bank, so grab a popcorn and enjoy.

Fidelity Bank Plc began operations in 1988 as Fidelity Union Merchant Bank Limited and has since been recognised as one of the biggest Commercial banks in Africa. In the year 2011, Fidelity Bank was ranked as the 7th most capitalized bank in Nigeria, and 25th in the entirety of Africa, that says a lot.. yeah it says that although this bank is a big bank, there are other banks who are a lot bigger, in Nigeria and in Africa as a whole.

With Nnamdi Okonkwo as the CEO, Fidelity Bank was known to possess an asset of 1.4 trillion naira as of 2017. So yeah, that notion that it’s a big bank is valid. So save all the formalities and introduction, and let’s proceed to the main reason for this article, the experience part.


Fidelity Bank is a fantastic bank.. that’s the summary of this article but still.. don’t be silly and read till the end. First, just like most banks, the customer service personnel are really nice, friendly and professional but trust me, Fidelity’s are one of the best if not the best. Extreme politeness, character, care and support is what you get as a customer.

Although this particular branch isn’t very big, it has counters sufficient for customers coming in and going out and the orderliness in the bank is top tier. Reasonable length of queue and everyone knew their place, no one trying to overtake or jump the line.

I easily got my deposit slip, filled and made my deposit with the fresh lads in the counters seeing that my transaction is smooth and swift.. no network problem, and the guy on the counter was just serious and professional with his job, he was not asking those weird and personal questions some cashiers ask that’ll embarrass you.. just business and bye. Nice experience.

See, this paragraph is very important and it’s the highlight of this article. In this particular branch of Fidelity Bank, there was free WiFi. Not just free WiFi, free WORKING WiFi.. I was just there and got a notification on my phone that an open WiFi named “Fidelity Bank Free WiFi” is in range and I was shocked. I tried connecting, although it required some signing in and other stuffs, it finally connected and actually worked..

oh boy!! As a sharp Nigerian, my broke dataless ass capitalized on that opportunity as I stayed there for almost thirty minutes doing nothing in the bank but using free WiFi to update some apps and get and reply some social media messages. It was pretty fast at 400kb/s but there was some minor disconnections at intervals. I am not a Fidelity bank account owner but it was stated there that Fidelity Bank customers get better benefits. It was a fantastic experience, shocking but fantastic. What a weird bank!


Truth be told, I went to the end of the Earth to look for the negatives I saw during my encounter with this bank. And the ones I saw were minor, very minor. I actually went to this bank to make deposit, because I needed the teller, so I had to withdraw.

I used their ATM, it paid me, but I saw that it wasn’t paying some Fidelity Bank card owners. I really didn’t understand why but it was good for me as the guys in front were diminishing allowing me withdraw early, but it’s a negative nonetheless. I always believed that Fidelity Bank favours their customers ten times more than they do to other banks. It is what it is.

Maybe because it was a one-time experience, but I didn’t get a lot of negative vibes when I used this bank. I achieved what I came there for, smoothly and very fast also.. even the only negative thing I encountered didn’t affect me that much so I’ll rate this bank 8/10.

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