My Experience With Eco Bank

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I’m not a worker in any bank, I’m a student and that is reason enough for me to have experience with a lot of commercial banks in the country as I have to pay fees and society dues to a variety of account numbers in all bank.



This article continues the Bank Experience series and this episode is on your favorite bank: ECOBANK! Spoiler alert – it’s far from my favorite bank. Before we proceed, you might just have to take a look at our post on experience with Zenith Bank, they got a good review but will Ecobank also get a positive one from this particular writer? We’ll see.

Ecobank is one of the biggest bank in the country. With their headquarters in Togo, the bank is also one of the most international and has a total asset of 23.6 billion dollars as at 2015 according to Wikipedia. Just like we did in the previous article, I will highlight my experience in the branches I’ve visited and give a rating out of 10. Let’s go!

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Before we proceed, I’d like to state clearly that I’ve only entered three different branches of Ecobank in all my life and all of them in Delta State, along the Obiaruku-Abraka axes to be precise.. so this experience may not bring out the overall characteristics of all other branches in other parts of the country.

Ecobank has a lot of positives, the major one being the politeness and professionalism of their customer service. The customer care representatives in this bank take their job seriously and always put the welfare of their customers in high regards, I was once asked about my day and my family in that bank.. awwwn, such caring fellows. It was nice.

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Also, Ecobank knows how to design a bank. Fantastic counters with elite demarcations, easily spelt out sections and also comfortable waiting areas for customers. Much needed because a lot of people use this bank lol. This means that orderliness isn’t the worst and the organization of settings is nice.

Ecobank also has a nice rating when it comes to ease of operation. Just like I stated in the Zenith Bank article about how I can flaunt my deposit slip around, it’s same with Ecobank in the branches I visited. Easily accessible and not very difficult to fill. The environment is also very friendly, air conditioned to the brim, neat to the surface and very easy to navigate. Not bad! But let’s see the negatives.


I think I have a lot of negative experiences with this bank, I have to be totally honest. Ecobank have given me my own share of frustration and I will very comprehensively state what went down in all occasions. But as succinctly as possible.

Firstly, there have never been a time I used Ecobank and got swift operation. There is always a problem with their network service.. worst is that the queue is always lengthy, extremely frustrating because there’s nothing you can do about it.

It was so bad one day that I went to pay a fee in Ecobank, I had just one due to pay worth 500 naira and my friend had to pay his in Zenith Bank then go on to deposit in UBA. My friend paid his due in Zenith, went to UBA to make deposit and came to meet me in Ecobank still in the queue..

I didn’t smile throughout, #teamFROWNING! I spent extra 30 minutes approximately before I got to pay that due. I asked a friend about her experience in Ecobank and she said it went well in the branch she uses in Benin, so it’s probably my branch, or I just have bad luck lol.

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Another terrible experience was with the Ecobank ATM. We all know ATM’s at banks sometimes don’t just deliver, but the one in my branch has this problem too frequently. One day, all my plans for the day got ruined because I couldn’t access their ATM at that time due to the fact that the machine doesn’t dispense cash to a majority of banks including Ecobank lol.

How does an Ecobank ATM refuse to dispense cash for an Ecobank card, I totally lost it. Although this is a small problem though, but I almost fainted that day.

These are the only major experiences with Ecobank and I have to say they have a high number of positives with a small but mighty amount of negatives. However, they’re a good bank and I’ll rate them a 7/10.

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