My Experience With ZenithBank

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It’s 2020 and the world has advanced in all aspects and we can’t deny the fact that technological development have been one of the biggest area where virtually every country is trying to improve on.

It’s a good thing however, as information is easily accessible online, this is why we see a lot of people coming on Social Media to talk about their experience with these Nigerian banking firms. We see these on a daily basis, people coming out with huge rants on how poorly they were treated by customer service, or how terrible the organization in the bank was..

But we don’t get negative reviews all of the time as sometimes, the bank gets a 4 star rating or even a five.. in this article, I will highlight my experience with Zenith Bank Plc. This will be the first article in the “Bank Experience” series as I will be talking about other banks also, so stay tuned.

Zenith Bank is one of the top banks in Nigeria no doubt. With branches all over the country and possessing a total asset of almost 6 trillion naira.

The bank was founded in 1990 and has since then grown to become one of the best and most reliable commercial banks in the country.

This article will be based on my personal experience in a branch and will be divided into two parts, the positive aspect and the negative aspect. Without further ado, let’s ride on to it!


This article won’t be very long, and also won’t be very official as you’d probably like (lol) but I I’ll try my best to serve you with all the necessary details available, and straight to the point also.

Zenith Bank has a lot of positives, much more greater than the number of negatives I’ve encountered.

And one of the positive things I experienced with this bank is that it’s air conditioned… Lol, yeah obviously that was a joke.

Let’s be serious! Zenith Bank has one of the best customer service of any bank in the country (almost all banks have good customer service though).

I think they only employ light-skinned beautiful ladies for that post because I’ve never seen otherwise in all branches I’ve been.

Customer Care representatives were polite, diligent, friendly and really helpful. Zero frowns. It was awesome.

Another area where Zenith Bank trumps other Nigerian banks is on the aspect of simplicity of operation.

See, as a customer, you get it so easily with Zenith Bank. No need to take a long queue or fill a form to get deposit or Withdrawal slip as it’s right there in your face screaming “take me”.. as soon as I entered the bank, I saw both slips on a desk of the security personnel and I took as much as I wanted without restrictions, filled it and went to present it to the cashier.

Another thing is that it is a rarity to encounter long queues in the bank and even when you though, operation is fast as their network service is extremely swift.

Depositing virtually takes 10 seconds and I’m not even exaggerating. It is out of this world!

The bank also had a nice setting: sufficient number of counters, a bench for waiting customers, huge space for operation, a pavement to fill forms and slips, good parking space.

But what wins is the neatness, politeness, friendliness and professionalism of their employees. Great stuff!


Everything in life has a negative side (except you sharing this post of course), but the negative side of my experience with Zenith Bank is few and I struggled to find any.

During my times in the bank, I notice people always overtake from the back in the queue, so orderliness isn’t 10/10 after all.

Another not-so-good thing I experienced was one time I used the last cash on me to transport to a branch but was told that service (card issuance) had been suspended in that branch due to faulty equipment, and I was referred to another branch of which I needed to borrow money to transport to again (don’t laugh, we all go broke sometimes).. so they can be unreliable at times.

In conclusion, Zenith Bank, for me, is a great bank to have an account with. Swift operation, nice customer service.. they’ve got all the positives you want in a bank and just a few flaws. I’d rate my experience with them as an 8.5/10.

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